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Audio stream multi-device transfer manager
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This manager can transfer playing audio signal from the master PC to different types of playback devices. Several devices may receive the audio simultaneously including Apple TV, AirPort Express, or third-party AirPlay hardware. Bluetooth connection is supported.

Airfoil is intended to broadcast audio from your computer. It supports transmitting to multiple types of devices. In this respect, it is good that it allows connecting not only to Airplay hardware but also to Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Moreover, the tool can also send audio to many other devices, such as other computers and phones.

The program has a simple-to-use interface; it can automatically identify the available sources and possible outputs. So, most of its basic operation is based on selecting where the sound will be coming from and where you want to send it to. However, configuring other parameters can be slightly more complicated.

Luckily, Airfoil allows sending audio to specific devices. You can create groups of speakers to which you can transmit audio simultaneously. Fortunately, the program lets you control sound volume individually. It also comes with a possibility that only advanced users should use: it lets you delay audio on certain devices so that all outputs are completely synchronized.

As said above, the tool supports various types of devices and connections. In this regard, the developers alert that its Bluetooth support is only experimental. In my opinion, the highest level of compatibility comes from the use of Airfoil satellite, a program that is installed together with Airfoil, but can also be downloaded separately. If you run it on any device connected to your computer, it is automatically recognized as a possible output.

All in all, Airfoil is an excellent way to broadcast audio to other devices and speakers. The product is shareware and can be tried freely with the limitation that the quality of the audio is degraded ten minutes after starting its broadcasting.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports sending to multiple types of devices, via Airplay, Bluetooth and Airfoil satellite
  • Allows controlling playback and synchronizing all outputs
  • Lets you manage outputs in groups


  • Additional configuration is complicated
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